Communicable Diseases & Common Childhood Conditions

Certain childhood conditions and communicable diseases can occur in students and staff while in school. On this web page, you can find general information about the most common conditions and diseases you may encounter, links to fact sheets, and communication templates that can be sent home to families, if required. Click on the condition or disease below for specific information about each one.
Please note: each day the percentage of students absent from school due to illness is 10% or higher, this must be reported to Public Health by completing this form.
Public Health Form
This information is intended to serve as a guide only.

Childhood Conditions (Not Reportable to Public Health)

Fifth Disease Hand, Foot and Mouth Head Lice Impetigo Mononucleosis Bacterial Pink Eye Viral Pink Eye Pinworms Ringworm Scabies Strep Throat/Scarlet Fever Viral Meningitis (Most Common Cause)

Communicable Diseases

Before informing the school community of any of the diseases listed below, ensure the diagnosis has been lab confirmed by a health care provider. For more information on these diseases, please contact a health care provider, 811 or Public Health. In the event of an outbreak of a communicable disease (affecting more than 10% of the school population), school response will be directed by Public Health.
Bacterial Meningitis Chicken Pox (Shingles) German Measles (Rubella Virus) Mumps (Virus) Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Red Measles (Rubeola Virus)