French Second Language (FSL)

The SSRSB offers various levels of French Second Language Programming.

Core French:
This course is mandatory for all Nova Scotia Anglophone public school students in grades 4 to 9.  Core French courses are optional for students in grades 10 to 12.

Intensive French (Grade 6):
This is an experimental approach to teaching Core French limited to four SSRSB schools: Bluenose Academy (Lunenburg), Chester Area Middle School (Chester), Dr. J.C. Wickwire Academy (Liverpool), Hebbville Academy (Hebbville).  In the Intensive French program, students receive between 270 and 300 hours of instruction in French during a five-months intensive period.  During the second half of the school year students resume with their regular grade 6 schedule including 30 minutes of Core French instruction per day.

Integrated French:
This program begins in grade 7 and ends in grade 12.  Integrated French programs are not in schools where other enriched French programs currently exist.  Integrated French programming includes an enriched French Language Arts course and a Social Studies course taught in French at each grade level.  Where sufficient interest is apparent, the SSRSB will research the possible establishment of an Integrated French Program.

French Immersion:
This program option is for students whose first language is not French.  French Immersion is offered at two levels in the SSRSB: Middle French Immersion (begins in grade 4) and Late French Immersion (begins in grade 7).  This is a long-term commitment – nine years for middle immersion and six years for late immersion.  Before submitting an application, families are urged to seriously consider their long-term commitment to this program.

Middle French Immersion is currently only offered in the Bridgewater sub-system of schools – Bridgewater Elementary with continuation at Bridgewater Jr./Sr. High School.

Late French Immersion is currently offered in two systems: South Queens Junior High School with continuation at Liverpool Regional High School; Hebbville Academy with continuation at Bridgewater Jr./Sr. High School with middle immersion students.

For more information on FSL programming, please contact:

Jason Belliveau Wood,Consultant des programmes FLS

Phone: (902) 521-7217