Health Needs Support

The SSRSB Liaison for Students with Health Needs is a registered nurse who currently works three days per week with the school board and is available to provide schools and families with support and resources.  Referrals for support are typically requested through the school.  The REFERRAL FORM must be completed and signed with guardian permission before work can be completed directly with a student.

Health needs support includes:

  • Staff education regarding health needs – general and student specific
  • Emergency planning
  • Linking students and their families to other services
  • Classroom education
  • Providing support to families and schools
  • Policy development
  • Attending PPT meetings upon request
  • Providing direct support to families as needed
  • Providing support to the student development team and school board staff

Please Contact:
Christine Hirsch, Liaison for Students with Health Care Needs
Phone: 902-521-2097