Health Needs Support

The School Health Partnership Nurse (SHP) is a registered nurse who supports schools, students, and families with training, questions, planning, and concerns related to student’s physical health needs while attending school. School staff, please complete a student specific consent and referral form on TIENET to make a referral to the SHP Nurse.

Health support could include:

  • Staff education on health conditions – general or student specific
  • Classroom education
  • Developing plans of care and emergency plans
  • Supporting families and schools when health needs change
  • Assisting with program planning (upon request)
  • Linking students and their families to services in the community
  • Collaborating with community resources to meet student’s physical health needs
  • Policy development
  • Working with other SHP Nurses across Nova Scotia to establish provincial policies and procedures

Contact information for the SHP Nurse with the SSRCE:

Maria Chalker, RN, BScN

School Health Partnership Nurse

Phone: 902-521-2097