RCH Board Data

As part of the SSRSB Strategic Plan, the Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights (RCH) Coordinator has been tasked with a strategy dedicated to collecting and analyzing data for students of African Nova Scotian and First Nations/Aboriginal descent.  Toward the end of the 2014-2015 school year, baseline data was collected and presented to the SSRSB School Board members.  This is the data provided to them.

It should also be noted that this is ongoing data collection and analysis in order to inform teaching practices and provide relevant training around culturally responsive teaching and cultural proficiency to staff within the SSRSB.  With the increase in students and families that self-identify through our self-identification campaign, we will be able to gather more accurate data in order to inform and bring continued improvement around teaching and learning for cultural diversity within our classrooms so that all students see themselves in the lessons and learning.

2014-2015 RCH Board Data