Roads Closed/Not Traveled by Bus Monday April 8

3 roads added at the end of this list – Roads Closed/Not Traveled by Bus Monday April 8 back road closure plans will be in effect for Sweetland Rd: Station Rd: Back Street 2: Moyle Mader Rd: China Lake Rd: Somerset Rd: Old Italy Cross RdMount Pleasant Rd (gravel section): Molega Lake Rd​ (Lunenburg County Gravel portion): Bolivar Rd (Waterloo): Gail Ave (gravel): Bolivar Rd (Dayspring): Veinot Rd (New Germany Area): Albany New Rd: Grafton Rd: Whiteburne Rd: Abram Deal Rd: Labelle Rd (gravel-North Queens): Conrad Rd. (Upper Branch): Wake Up Hill Rd: Sarty Rd. (Route 290 Brenda Russell): Charlie Hill Rd: Conrad Rd (Stanburne): Haines Rd. (Route 287 Una Rhodenizer): McGinty Rd: Elmwood Rd: Dawson Heights (Gravel): endtweet

Wanda Zinck

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