Rash, usually in skin folds, such as between fingers, toes, or in elbow creases with severe itching, especially at night. Symptoms typically begin 2-6 weeks after exposure.
Scabies is spread through close skin to skin contact or contact with infected clothing, towels or bedding.
  • Proper hand hygiene.
  • No sharing of personal items such as clothing.
  • Launder clothing in hot water and dryer.
  • Exclusion from school is necessary until the completion of first treatment.
    Very easily spread, all household members should be treated at the same time. May require two treatments one week apart.

    Communication Notice (recommended to be distributed if two or more cases are present)

    We have been advised of a suspected case(s) of scabies in our classroom/school. Scabies are small mites and are often identified by the appearance of a red rash that causes severe itching, especially at night. The rash typically appears in skinfolds i.e. between fingers, toes, or in elbow creases. While scabies are a nuisance, it is not a disease, it’s a common childhood condition.

    If detected, all household members need to be treated at the same time. Two treatments are often required, a week apart, in order to be effective. Exclusion from school is required until the completion of the first treatment.

    Parent/guardians are encouraged to watch their child for signs of a scabies infection. If you suspect your child may have scabies, please contact a health care provider for treatment or 811 for advice. To find out more, check out this fact sheet on scabies at: