Viral Pink Eye

Pink, swollen, and watery eyes. Eyes may also be sensitive to light. These symptoms may only affect one eye.
Viral pink eye is spread by hands coming in contact with infected eye secretions or contaminated items, and then touching the eyes.
  • Practice proper hand hygiene
  • Avoid touching the eyes
  • Proper disposal of contaminated items
  • No exclusion from school is necessary.
    Antibiotics are not effective.

    Communication Notice (recommended to be distributed if two or more cases are present)

    We have been advised of a suspected case(s) of viral pink eye in our classroom/school. While viral pink eye is a nuisance, it is a common childhood condition. Exclusion from school is not required.

    Parent/guardians are encouraged to watch their child for signs of a viral pink eye infection which include pink, swollen, and watery eyes that can be sensitive to light. This may affect both or just one eye.

    If you suspect your child may have a viral pink eye infection, please contact a health care provider for treatment or 811 for advice if required. To find out more, check out this fact sheet at: