In SSRCE, we believe all students should feel that they belong in an inclusive school—accepted, safe, and valued—so they can best learn and succeed.

As part of the Inclusive Education policy, SSRCE is committed to providing learning environments that allow students to be their authentic selves and for the wide diversity of our students to be celebrated.

From the Inclusive Education Policy, 4.5 Every student deserves to belong (affirmed, validated, and nurtured), be safe, and feel welcomed in all aspects of their daily experience.

The NS Inclusive Education Policy is the foundation of our curriculum and the following other guidelines and  policies guide all members of our education community in the areas of safety, dignity and inclusion:

SSRCE’s Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding, and Human Rights (RCH) Policy

NS Guidelines for Supporting Transgender and Gender-nonconforming Students

NS Special Education Policy

NS Accessibility Act

RCE/CSAP Joint Accessibility Plan

We encourage all SSRCE students and staff to be an Ally; the idea of standing with a marginalized group that you are not a part of and speaking out for the rights of that group. We have embraced the idea of listening to learn so that we can do better. SSRCE students and staff are encouraged to be allies and to work toward equity for all students.