Assistive Technology (AT)

The Assistive Technology (AT) Centre, located at Hebbville Academy, provides support for SSRSB students with any disability. AT is any device and/or service that maintains or enhances performance of an individual with a disability. Assistive Technology in the school system provides access to the curriculum and inclusive learning and leisure opportunities for students. To download the AT brochure, click HERE
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AT services include, but are not limited to:
  • mobile devices used when enhancing performance of a student with a disability (iPod Touches, iPads, iPad minis) with appropriate Apps and Accessibility Settings matched to the student’s strengths and needs as identified in the Assistive Technology Assessment Report
  • mobility devices – wheelchairs, walkers, canes etc.;
  • hearing aids and vision aids
  • adapted physical education equipment;
  • adapted writing tools such as pencil grips to computers;
  • remediation software for reading, including text to speech software, and for math;
  • computer access devices – switches, adapted keyboards, mice etc.;
  • augmentative communication devices for students who are non-verbal;
  • seating supports and adapted desks (i.e. stability balls, hokki stools etc)
Referrals to the Assistive Technology Centre may be initiated by resource teachers, classroom teachers or parents, but must first go through the Program Planning Team Process at the school level.
Training is available for teachers, resource teachers and teacher assistants; primary users of Assistive Technology; administrators; and parents and guardians including staff at APSEA and Early Intervention Programs in Lunenburg and Queens Counties.
Please contact:
Barbara Welsford, Assistive Technology Specialist
Phone: 902-541-3008
Anita Kingdon, Assistive Technology Facilitator
Phone: 902-541-3024

For more information on Assistive Technology, check out their website: