Autism Centre


What is Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder which causes developmental disability. Autism affects the way the brain functions, resulting in difficulties with communication and social interaction, and unusual patterns of behaviour, activities and interests. For more information on autism, click HERE.

How many people have autism? 1 in 88 people have autism.

The Autism Centre of the South Shore was established in 2009 to advance the personal development, equal opportunity and participation of people with autism in a safe, respectful and supportive community.

The Centre is supported by the SSRSB which provides space for it in Portable Classroom #1 at Hebbville Academy and centre management by the Board’s Autism Consultant. The centre is staffed by dedicated volunteers and offers valuable resources, materials, support and professional development/meeting space for educators, families and community members, as well as for individuals with autism.

The Centre offers programs which include a voluntary anger management and a social skills program for teenagers with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  In addition, many other social and leisure activities are organized, including parent support groups.  Events organized by the Autism Centre are listed in the SSRSB Events Calendar 

Visits by appointment. Please contact:
Ann Wentzell, Consultant for Autism, Learning Centre, Behaviour & Complex Cases Support
Phone: 902-521-2002

Kelli Nauss, Autism Transition Facilitator
Phone: 902-541-8233

For more information on the Autism Centre, check out their website:

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