SchoolsPlus Expands to South Shore Family of Schools

Released by the Department of Education
Students and families from the South Shore will have access to parenting sessions, employment supports, physical activities, and homework clubs thanks to the province’s expansion of SchoolsPlus.

The South Shore Regional School Board will establish a hub site at Liverpool Regional High School in 2012-2013 to be the centre of a network for SchoolsPlus to serve a family of schools. The school board will receive $125,000 to provide leadership and community outreach.
“SchoolsPlus strengthens the links between schools, parents and the community, said Vicki Conrad, MLA for Queens, on behalf of Education Minister Ramona Jennex. “I am pleased that students from the South Queens family of schools will have more access to services that kids and families need.”
The schools benefitting from the expansion include Liverpool Regional High School, North Queens Community School, Greenfield Elementary School, Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy, South Queens Jr. High School, Milton Centennial School, Mill Village Consolidated School, New Germany Rural High School, New Germany Elementary School, West Northfield Elementary School, Bridgewater Elementary School, and Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School.
The province is investing $2.5-million in SchoolsPlus, bringing together teachers, students, families and community volunteers to design and deliver programs that meet the specific needs of the community.
“It takes a community to raise a child,” said Jeanie Rhodenizer, vice principal at Liverpool Regional High School. “I feel the missing link is a person who can coordinate the efforts of the community, and that’s what SchoolsPlus brings to the South Shore.”

While every school will be different, schools now participating in SchoolsPlus co-ordinate and deliver about 100 services and activities such as:

  • mentoring
  • anger management
  • adult literacy
  • employment support
  • parenting support
  • art and sport programs
  • entertainment and hobby clubssummer camps
Some South Shore area partners that will participate in SchoolsPlus include the Youth Outreach Committee, South Shore Health, Community Justice, RCMP School Safety officers and Community Liaison officers, Bridgewater Family Resource Centre, and many more.
The province’s goal is to have SchoolsPlus schools in every county, with 28 hub sites, by 2017-18. Presently, eight SchoolsPlus sites are in place, reaching into 46 schools.
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