More Health Services for South Shore Students

More Health Services for South Shore Students


South Shore students who need health advice and services will find it easier to get help right in their schools.

Expanded services announced today, Oct. 2, will give every junior and senior high school in Lunenburg and Queens counties regular access to a health counsellor.

“Sometimes students don’t know where to turn when they have questions about their health, and schools are a safe, convenient place to get answers,” said Education Minister Ramona Jennex. “By putting more health workers in schools and expanding programs like SchoolsPlus, we are working as a community to support the well-being of our students.”

The province, South Shore Health and the South Shore Regional School Board have worked together to provide four health counsellors and two mental health clinicians in schools.

“It is great news that we are getting health counselling services right here at our school,” said Dana Young, student council president at New Germany Rural High School. “It is a wonderful addition that all our students will be able to use.”

The investment supports the province’s commitment in the recently released mental health and addictions strategy to put mental health clinicians in all SchoolsPlus schools.

“We have heard from parents and youth who have been asking for mental health supports in schools for students,” said Lunenburg West MLA Gary Ramey, on behalf of Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson. “With the addition of two mental health clinicians in the South Shore School board, we are helping to ensure that children and adolescents are receiving the supports they need to thrive in school.”

Counsellors visit each school on a regular basis, and students who want information or help on mental health, sexual health, or addiction issues can drop in or arrange an appointment. Counsellors work closely with other health professionals and the programs and services offered through SchoolsPlus to make sure students receive all the help they need.

“This new level of service demonstrates the ongoing partnership to help support our youth,” said Janet Simm, vice-president of South Shore Health. “To meet the health needs of youth, we need to meet them where they are. This program does that.”

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