SSRCE French Second Language Programs

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SSRCE offers French Second Language learning opportunities through Core French, Intensive French, Integrated French and Regional French Immersion Programs (Early, Middle and Late).

Core French

All Regional Education Centres in Nova Scotia must offer core French classes from grades 4 to 9. Core French courses in grades 10 to 12 are optional. French is taught and studied in regular instructional periods in all SSRCE schools.

Intensive French

Intensive French provides Grade 6 students with the opportunity to study French Language Arts during a five-month intensive time period, either from the beginning of September to the end of January, or from the beginning of February to the end of June. During the intensive half of the year, math is taught in English and subjects taught by specialists, such as music and physical education, are also taught in English. Other subject areas are not explicitly taught; rather, themes from health, social studies, and science are integrated into French Language Arts. During the non-intensive half of the year, students follow a regular Grade 6 timetable. Health, social studies and science are offered in English and math continues to be taught in English. Specialist area subjects continue, including Core French, as per the grades 4 to 6 Time to Learn Strategy (2016).

Intensive French is currently offered at Hebbville Academy and Chester Area Middle School.

Integrated French

For students who wish to develop a greater degree of French language competency, some schools offer an Integrated French program from grades 7 to 12. The program involves an accelerated French Language Arts course that is available only to program participants, and one other course taught in French (often a social studies course). The French Language Arts course supports students’ language needs in the other course taught in French, while the curriculum of this second course parallels that of the equivalent course taught in the English program.

Integrated French is available at Bluenose Academy, Chester Area Middle School, Forest Heights Community School and Park View Education Centre.

Regional French Immersion Programs

All French Immersion programs are regional and open to all students in the SSRCE. Early French Immersion entry is offered in Grade Primary,  and Late French Immersion is offered in Grade 6 or Grade 7 (depending on school). **Of note: Our regional Middle Immersion program at Bridgewater Elementary School is currently being phased out and replaced by Early Immersion. There is therefore no longer an entry point at grade 4 in our region.

The early immersion program begins in grade Primary and continues to Grade 12. At the elementary level, a minimum of 80% of instruction is provided in French, and approximately 70% of instruction is in French at the middle school level. At the high school level, students must successfully complete nine credits offered in the French language to receive a French Immersion certificate.

School Offering Early French Immersion (Grade Primary Entry): Enrolled students continue French Immersion in Middle School at: Enrolled students continue French Immersion in High School at:
Bluenose Academy and Bridgewater Elementary School Bluenose Academy and Bridgewater Junior High School Park View Education Centre
School offering Middle French Immersion (Grade Four Entry):(Phasing out with the final Middle Immersion Cohort graduating in 2031)
Bridgewater Elementary School Bridgewater Junior High School Park View Education Centre
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In Late Immersion programs, students receive approximately 70% of instruction in French in the middle school years. At the high school level, students must successfully complete nine credits offered in the French language to receive a French Immersion Certificate.

Schools offering French Immersion Enrolled students continue French Immersion in High School at:
Hebbville Academy (Grade Seven Entry) Park View Education Centre
South Queens Middle School (Grade Six Entry) Liverpool Regional High School
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To register for a Regional French Immersion program or obtain more information, contact the school where you would like your child to enroll.

For Further Information on French Second Language Programs

For more information on SSRCE French Second Language Programs, contact Paige Ferguson, Coordinator of French Second Language Programs at or 902-277-0315.

For general information on French Language programs in Nova Scotia public schools, contact the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Canadian Parents for French also offer many opportunities for students to increase their French language skills through summer camps and other extra-curricular events. CPF maintains resources and information for parents and guardians.