Occupational and Physical Therapy

The SSRCE has partnered with Nova Scotia Health – Western Region to provide rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, on a consultative basis in schools. The goal of school-based rehabilitation is to enable children to fulfill their role of being students.

Occupational Therapy:
Focuses on enhancing a student’s ability to participate in the school environment. Lack of participation may be due to a physical, emotional, sensory or cognitive impairment. Occupational therapists assess and provide recommendation to enhance fine motor skills, self-care skills, eye-hand coordination, visual perception and motor planning, seating and access to the environment.

Focuses on improving and maintaining a student’s functional independence and performance within the school environment. Mobility concerns may be due to physical impairment, pain or disabilities. Physiotherapists assess motor skills and coordination of students referred to them, providing advice or appropriate exercises and activities to improve overall┬ámobility. Physiotherapists are involved with promoting fitness, health and wellness.

A referral for school-based rehabilitation services can be initiated by school staff, a student’s guardian(s), or another health care provider.