Program Planning

Program planning is a team process which aims to create an approach to learning to deliver appropriate education to students with special needs.  Through the program planning process, students with special needs are supported in the achievement of learning outcomes of the public school programs curriculum and/or the student’s individualized program plan (IPP). And IPP is a statement of annual individualized outcomes and specific individualized outcomes based on the student’s strengths and needs.

Students must be referred for program planning services. Referrals may be initiated by the student, the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), the student’s teacher(s), or a guidance counselor.

Program planning begins with:

  1. screening and identification
  2. exploration and instructional strategies by classroom teacher(s)

For many students, the identification, assessment and programming process does not go beyond these two stages as their needs are met through adaptation in the classroom.

For students whose learning needs are not met, the process proceeds with a referral to a student planning team meeting which may result in collaboration towards decisions regarding instruction, interventions, and evaluation needed to best support an individual student’s Personalized Learning Plan.

Please contact:
Connie Bird, Program Planning Consultant
Phone: 902-523-1023

For more information on program planning check out the following provincial resources: Program Planning – A Team Approach and The Program Planning Process: A Guide for Parents & Guardians