Provincial French Public Speaking Competition

Concours d’art oratoire 2016

Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia is delighted to invite students to participate in the annual Concours d’art oratoire (provincial French public speaking competition) on Saturday, April 23 at Mount Saint Vincent University, Seaton Academic Centre.

The Concours d’art oratoire allows Canadian Parents for French to sponsor an activity where students from across the province express themselves and are recognized for their talents in French public speaking.  For many teachers, it is an opportunity to incorporate public speaking into their curriculum so that all their students benefit from the use of their researching, writing and presentation skills.


Gold and silver medals will be awarded in each category. All participants are considered winners and we acknowledge each student with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.  All students have valuable lessons to learn by competing in this event and are rewarded for their efforts, regardless of their final standing.

Prizes for Grades 5-6, grades 7-8
Gold and silver medal winners at the 5/6 and 7/8 levels will receive prize packages (books, CDs and/or movie passes) from CPF Nova Scotia.

Prizes for Grades 9-10
Gold medal winners at the 9/10 level will receive an all-expenses-paid Encounters with Canada theme week in Ottawa. Silver medal winners will receive prize packages (books, CDs and/or movie passes) from CPF-NS.

Prizes for Grades 11-12
Over $20,000 in bursaries to be awarded to grade 11-12 students provincially and nationally. Entrance and renewable scholarships from Université Sainte-Anne and Université de Moncton for Français de base, Français intensif, immersion précoce, immersion tardive and Francophone categories.

At the provincial level, Gold medal and silver medal winners at the grade 11/12 will receive scholarships to attend Université Sainte-Anne or Université de Moncton.  The full description of the provincial level prizes will be posted on our website in January 2016.

Canadian Parents for French will provide an all-expenses-paid trip to Ottawa for students to compete at the CPF National event.  There are scholarships to win at the National level of the competition for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Please consult the National website for a full description of the 2016 prizes.

The National competition for gold medal winners at the 11/12 level will take place in Ottawa, May 2016.

To create the greatest degree of fairness and challenge to each participant, and to avoid any student’s disqualification at the provincial or national level because of inappropriate placement, please refer closely to the Rules and Categories document. Please ensure that students are placed in the appropriate categories. Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia retains the right to assess and move any student they feel is not in the appropriate category.  If the student does not agree with their re-evaluation, they will not be allowed to participate in the provincial competition.

Please review the enclosed information and ensure that teachers and students are aware of the guidelines to create the greatest degree of fairness and to avoid any student’s disqualification at the provincial or national level.

The number of students that each school board is entitled to send to the provincial Concours in each category is: 3.   The regional concours for finalists from SSRSB schools will be the evening of Wednesday, April 6 in the Hebbville Academy cafeteria.