South Shore School Food Project

RootED School Food Project

Green sprout merging into blue circleThree elementary students eating a healthy lunchRootED is a non-profit organization investing in our children and schools to build a local, healthy food culture in all school communities on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

We are part of the South Shore Regional Centre for Education, Nova Scotia Health Authority and RootED not-for-profit board of directors.

What we do

We work with school communities in Lunenburg and Queens County to offer wholesome, tasty food in school cafeterias so students can thrive in health and learning.

Our Priorities
  • Healthy menus in schools
  • Supporting food education in the classroom
  • Collective procurement with a priority on local
  • Food security in school communities
Who we work with
  • School Cafeterias
  • Students
  • Principals
  • Local Food Suppliers
  • Health Promoting Schools
What we provide
  • Support to school cafeterias to help them provide nutritious food to students
  • Wholesome, tasty, affordable snacks and meals
  • Food security in school communities
  • Local food, where possible
  • Ways to reduce waste
  • Equitable food service for students and schools