South Shore School Food Project

RootED School Food Project

Volunteers Needed!

RootED is made up of a group of volunteers who are currently recruiting additional members who have a specific interest in fundraising to support healthy food and equipment in schools.

If you are interested in joining RootED’s Board of Directors, please contact Meg Sawler (, Shelley Moran (, or Craig Collins (




RootED not-for-profit, launched in 2019 in a partnership with the South Shore Regional Centre for Education (SSRCE) and Nova Scotia Health Public Health (NSH) support the Regional School Food Program that began in 2016. The not-for-profit was developed to be able to apply for a receive funds and grants that the SSRCE and NSH were unable to apply for.

The School Food Program was created to:

  • level the “food and nutrition playing field” for all 23 schools in the Region
  • centralize food services
  • allow principals to focus on education
  • ensure all meals meet the Department of Education’s School Food and Nutrition Policy
  • provide more equitable access to healthy food among all schools
  • create a consistent support system for Food Service Workers (FSW)


  • To help all students to thrive in education and well-being
  • To comply with the Department of Education’s Food and Nutrition Policy (2006)
  • Prevent chronic illnesses and ease the future burden on the health care system
  • Build lifelong healthy eaters

RootED’s Vision and Mission

Vision: All students enjoy wholesome, affordable school food.

Mission: We work with school communities to offer wholesome, tasty food so students can thrive in health and learning and create a positive food culture where all students have equitable access to healthy, delicious food.

Priorities, Work Groups and Descriptions (2023)

Communication, Education and Public Awareness

  • Develop and execute a communication plan and tools/resources to build awareness and understanding of the intention and work of RootED with students, teachers and administrators as well as school communities and the community at large. Clearly articulate the relationship with schools and the SSRCE. Ensure the communication and awareness plan is supportive and connects with fundraising events.


  • Develop and execute a fund development plan that supports school food programming for all cafeterias in the SSRCE.
  • The focus of the fund development is twofold: 1.Equity and/or subsidized meals and 2. Food Service Equipment.


  • Develop a plan and tools to ensure those who support RootED are thanked and engaged to ensure positive relationships and credibility of RootED. Identify how public acknowledgements can be part of our public awareness campaign.

 Student engagement

  • Support students to engage with the work and share their thoughts and opinions and take ownership of the work that is happening in their school and the Region. Their voice at all action team tables will help further the work of RootED.