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SchoolsPlus / Parent Navigator

SchoolsPlus and Parent Navigator – Support for Students and Families

SchoolsPlus is a collaborative inter-agency approach supporting the whole child and their family with the school as the center of service delivery. This includes services beyond education, such as health, justice and other community services.

SchoolsPlus Mandate:

  • To support the success of youth and families
  • To support on-site service in schools and the community
  • To support partner agencies and organizations in working with students and families

Referrals for support from SchoolsPlus may be initiated by staff, guardians or community members.

Three Distinct Levels of Service
Direct: Advocating, supporting, facilitating, identifying and locating services, etc.
Collaborative: Engagement with services at all levels to meet and identify needs, provide service, programming, decision-making, etc.
Collateral: Partnerships to support schools – community initiatives, programming assistance

Who are clients?
Live in the Regional Centre for Education’s catchment and willing to work with SchoolsPlus:
1. For whom school has supported to extent of ability, need further service
2. And/or has services with gaps that need attention
3. And/or have services with no coordination of said services

How can SchoolsPlus facilitators help as a ‘Parent Navigator’?
Parents can call the SchoolsPlus Facilitators for advice and support without being part of the SchoolsPlus caseload. As a ‘Parent Navigator’, the SchoolsPlus Facilitator can assist in helping parents/guardians access services and resources in the community. ‘Parent Navigators’ will work collaboratively with schools and outside agency staff to ensure that the student and/or family have timely support, understand the appropriate services available, and the process by which to access them. They can also help facilitate parent’s efforts in advocating for their child as well as helping parents to become their child’s best advocate.

Did you know? SchoolsPlus and Parent Navigator staff work in schools but work for students (ages 5-25) and families!

Please contact:

Shannon Vincent, SchoolsPlus Facilitator