Student Transfers

Although students are generally expected to attend the schools serving the area in which they live, transfers to other schools in the region may be permitted under some circumstances. Reasons for requesting a transfer can include program availability or educational needs, including those of a physical, medical or emotional nature.

Before a student can transfer to a school outside the area in which they live, families must complete an Application for Student Transfer form and forward it to the Director of Programs & Student Services, accompanied by a detailed explanation of why the transfer is being requested.

The Director of Programs & Student Services will consult with the principals of the school in the student’s area, as well as the one to which the transfer is requested, and with the family before making a decision on the request.

Should the Director of Programs & Student Services make a decision against the transfer, the decision may be appealed. At the appeal hearing, the Director will explain why the transfer request was denied and the family will give their rationale for why the transfer should be approved. The appeal committee will make its decision and the family will be notified of the decision within three working days of the appeal hearing.