Verge House Transition Program

The Verge House Transition Program is a community-based educational program for students aged 18-21 who have individual program plans and who would benefit from skills training in the areas of employment, social skills, independent living skills, and functional academics.

The integrity of this program is maintained in an atmosphere that:

  • Supports inclusion into all aspects of community life
  • Defines individualization
  • Promotes self-awareness, self-advocacy and empowerment
  • Enhances the development of critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills and personal responsibility
  • Clarifies the process of assessing community resources

An application form must be completed for entrance to this program. The program is designed for a maximum of 14 students.

Criteria for Admission:

  • 18-21 years old
  • Enrolled in an SSRSB high school, with an Individual Program Plan
  • Recommended by the Program Planning Team
  • Continuously enrolled in schools in Lunenburg or Queens County
  • Require minimal PSA support
  • Not pose a flight risk
  • Have functional communications skills
  • Use the existing SSRSB transportation system to attend the program

Please contact:
Verge House Transition Program Teacher
Phone: 902-541-3040