2019 SSRCE Concours d’art Oratoire Medallists

The Concours d’art oratoire is a national French public speaking competition that takes place each spring across the country. Students present first at their school level, and then move up to compete at the provincial and national levels. Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia has been organizing and hosting the provincial competition for thirty-six years.

The provincial Concours d’art oratoire was held on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Mount Saint Vincent University. Students from grades 5 to 12 presented a wide range of topics from ice cream to climate change.  Students represented the many Regional Centres for Education in the province, as well as the Conseil scolaire Acadien provincial (CSAP) and the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS).

A massive congratulations to the students from the South Shore Region who participated in the competition and who brought home medals. Bravo et félicitations tout le monde!

Gr. 6 Intensive French/Français intensif
Gold Mabel Mahoney of Lunenburg, Bluenose Academy, SSRCE
Mon voyage en Angleterre
Silver Adele Jarvis of Lunenburg, Bluenose Academy, SSRCE
Mon chien, Juno

5/6 Middle Immersion/Immersion moyenne
Gold Zoe Mosher of Pleasantville, Bridgewater Junior High, SSRCE
Effet sur des ours polaires
Silver Tanuja Khedkar of Bridgewater, Bridgewater Junior High, SSRCE

7/8 Integrated French/Français intensif
Gold Laura McFarland of Lunenburg, Bluenose Academy, SSRCE
L’influence de la musique de Taylor Swift
Silver Olivia Chaput of Lunenburg, Bluenose Academy, SSRCE
Pourquoi les superstitions ne sont pas logiques

7/8 Late Immersion/Immersion tardive
Gold Seamus MacDonald of Liverpool, South Queens Middle School, SSRCE
Comment je gagne mon argent de poche

11/12 Late Immersion/Immersion tardive
Silver Samantha Whynot of Liverpool, Liverpool Regional High School, SSRCE
Le résilience