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This week marks the beginning of Asian Heritage Month. In 2002, the Canadian government signed an official declaration to appoint May as Asian Heritage Month. It’s a time reflect on the history, celebrate the many contributions and achievements, and listen to the lived experiences of Canadians of Asian descent.

The theme for Asian Heritage Month 2021 is “Recognition, Resilience, and Resolve.” This embodies the diversity and achievements of Canadians of Asian descents, as well as their resilience and perseverance to overcome adversity.

We encourage our school communities to learn more about how Canadians of Asian descent have and continues to play an important role in Canadian history. The Canadian government shared information capturing significant events in Canadian Asian history since the late-1700s. For our students with a passion for creativity and arts, check out the Colourable Asian Heritage Poster 2021 from the Government of Canada.

Lastly, you can check out this short video from Canadian Heritage that discusses Asian Heritage Month 2021: