Autism Nova Scotia’s Girl Strong Program

Autism Nova Scotia’s Girl Strong Program

Autism Nova Scotia South Shore Chapter is Sponsoring Autism Atlantic Consulting Services to provide the following program.

The 6-session program focuses on emotions, perspective taking, learning about internal sensory systems, and developing positive self-esteem and strategies for self-regulation. Participants will make up a small group of girls with an autism diagnosis.

The sessions include 1.5 hours of participation and will be held after school from 2:30 – 4:00 pm at Liverpool Regional High School. Dates TBA

• On-going communication will include weekly emails that will provide a comprehensive review of the session as well as the goals of the upcoming session.
• A wait-list for future sessions will be developed should there be too many registrations.

Criteria: Girls with an autism diagnosis who are high functioning and verbal, between the ages of 13 -18.
Facilitator: Yvonne Rafuse, BA, BEd, MEd, MEd (SpEd), co-owner and autism consultant with Autism Atlantic Consulting Services.

If interested please contact: Catherine Rahey (Chair of Autism Nova Scotia, South Shore Chapter) at

Testimonials from Parents:
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity. “D” has made great connections and has learned about herself and ways to better understand how she is feeling and why.
This has been a great program. “T” has looked forward to girls’ group each week. She’s made great friends. She now knows what it means to feel more than just happy or sad. She is able to
self-regulate much easier.
My daughter discussed strategies every week after each session. This is the highlight of her week!