Bayview Community School, Bluenose Academy, Bluenose Academy Pre-Primary and Mahone Bay Alternate School are all cancelled due to power outages. Friday 12th April 2024

Call for Expression of Interest

Steering Committee Members for North Queens Active Living Advisory Committee

This committee will oversee the implementation of the North Queens Active Living Pilot Project. This includes hiring and providing strategic direction, leadership, and support to the North Queens Active Living Coordinator. The goal of this project is to support residents of North Queens in accessing public spaces, programs, and services to: foster active living, increase inclusion and access to recreation, and ensure provision of supportive physical and social environments that encourage participation in recreation and help build a strong, caring community. It aligns with the goals of the Region of Queens Physical Activity Strategy.

The NS Department of Health is looking to represent the diversity of residents in North Queens. The draft terms of reference available upon request. Please submit a paragraph outlining your background and interest in joining this committee by December 7 to