UPDATE: Forest Heights Community School threat a hoax

Update: The RCMP has completed its investigation and has determined the shooting threat was a hoax and there is no threat to students or staff. We want to thank the RCMP for its diligent work and presence at FHCS.

Parents and students are encouraged to speak with the school counsellor and/or principal if they have any questions or require support.

“I am very happy that this has been safely resolved with the threat being determined a hoax,” said Scott Milner, Superintendent of Schools. “I understand this has caused great stress to our students and their families. As the situation developed, the principal took the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the students. This is our first priority. Providing accurate and timely information to lessen speculation and rumour needs to be a priority in these situations. I recognize completely the concern parents felt at not only FHCS but at Chester District School and Chester Area Middle School. Going forward, I will ensure information is released in a timely fashion.”

Original statement:

On Friday afternoon, a custodian found a note at Forest Heights Community School indicating there would be a shooting. He informed the principal who then investigated the situation and contacted the RCMP. All appropriate measures were taken to ensure the safety of the children and all staff of the school. The RCMP investigation is still ongoing, however they are confident that there is no reason for concern. As a precaution and to help students and staff feel secure, there will be RCMP presence at the school until the investigation is complete. The investigation has also ruled out any threat to surrounding schools.

The SSRSB apologizes for the delay in releasing this information. All staff are 100 per cent committed to the safety and well-being of our students and our staff. Forest Heights Community School is open today, with police presence. The SSRSB understands if parents feel they need to keep their children home today.