Incredible Years Parent/Teacher Training Program

Invitation to all Parents/Caregivers and Teachers:

 The Family Support Centre Bridgewater,



Lunenburg County Health Board

are excited to offer a training program designed to prevent and treat behaviour problems in young children and strengthen relationships between caregivers and children.

SPACE is LIMITED to 14 adults! Register soon!

The INCREDIBLE YEARS Training Series has been extensively researched and field tested with over 2000 families. It has been proven to reduce children’s behaviour problems and increase pro-social behaviours. Parents report that they feel more confident and comfortable with their parenting skills after completing the training.
Other benefits of the program:


-increase child social skills and emotional language

-increase child problem solving skills

-decrease in aggressive behaviour, non-compliance, lying, stealing

-increase in academic performance


-increase in positive relationship and bonding

-improved communication skills/coaching skills/praise and positive feedback with child

-improved problem solving

-improved routines and consistency

Training is free & is a 2 hour weekly commitment. Lunch and childcare are provided.

When: Tuesdays beginning February 28th from 12-2pm


Contact: Linda Jensen, SchoolsPlus (call/text 902.521.9817),


Amanda Crouse (call 902.543.1301),