New Germany Elementary School News

In December New Germany Elementary School was nominated for the Sheelagh Nolan Award for Excellence in Teaching. School, presented by Autism Nova Scotia in recognition of exceptional contributions in support of individuals and families who are living and growing with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

From Autism Nova Scotia: “The team at New Germany Elementary School has been nominated for their work with Bradley, a 7-year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). During a period of many new challenges and adjustments, the teaching team at New Germany Elementary rose to the occasion by providing Bradley with a solid foundation and the stability he needed to succeed in a new learning environment. Over the course of the academic year, Bradley prospered at New Germany. The patience and support of Bradley’s teaching team is an inspiration and fully illustrates their commitment to understanding, acceptance, and inclusion. This outstanding teaching team includes Principal Angela Gladwin, Learning Centre Teacher Lisa Baker, Classroom Teacher Christine Redmond, and Teaching Assistants Julie DeLong and Rose Huphman.”

Congratulations to New Germany Elementary School for their amazing work!