Policies, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines

The South Shore Regional Centre for Education and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development meet regularly to review all policies in the province. Some SSRCE policies are outdated and need to be updated or rescinded, some are being replaced by Ministerial Policies and in some cases, new policies are required. We appreciate your patience while we work through these changes.

Policies provide a framework for the delivery of education and the day-to-day management of the school system.

A review of all provincial and regional policies is underway.  The SSRCE will follow all Ministerial Policies as they become available and update any policies as needed after Ministerial Policies are approved.  In the meantime, when there is not a Ministerial Policy, the SSRCE will update its current policies, which were developed by the former regional school board, to reflect the current situation.  These updated policies will be sent to the EECD for approval and these will continue to govern operations until Ministerial Policies replace them.