Return to In-Person Learning and Bus Safety Reminder

A reminder that SSRCE schools return to in-person learning tomorrow (Wednesday, June 2, 2021). School staff are looking forward to welcoming students back to their classrooms and turning the page in the final chapter of this school year.

As students return to school, buses will also be back on the roads and it’s a good time to highlight school bus safety. The number one rule is to always make sure the bus driver can see you!

Students – Waiting for the Bus

It is important to always be on time and stand back from the road when waiting for the bus. Students, please do not push when getting on the bus.

Driving Near a Bus

If you’re driving near a school bus or in a school zone, please reduce your speed and watch for students. Remember, it is the law to stop when the bus has its stop sign out or flashing red lights turned on as these indicate students are entering or exiting the bus.


Drivers, please be on the lookout for increased pedestrians around school areas. Students, if you’re walking, stay on the sidewalk (if your community has one) or away from cars on the shoulder of the road. Listen for vehicles, always look where you’re going and cross the road at designated crosswalks. When crossing the road, look both ways and make eye contact with drivers once they have stopped.