Back Road Closures will be in effect for the following roads Tues, March 5, 2024, due to current road conditions (continue to check SSRCE Transportation Facebook page for latest): Abram Deal Road, Albany New Road, Andrews Head Road, Armstrong Road, Back St Rd, Baker Road, Big Lots Road, Broham Road, Conrad Road (Queens County), County Station Line Rd, Dauphinee Road, Devonshire Rd, East Clifford Road, Goose Chase Rd, Gull Island Rd, Hamms Hill Road, Hibernia Rd (gravel portion only), Hicks Rd, Jessie Lane, Lohnes Rd, Long Cove Road, Medway River Road (gravel section only), Mill Village East Road, Morton Rd, New Elm Rd (gravel section only), North Middle River Road, Old Annapolis Road, Old Chelsea Road, Old Kettle Road, Old Port Mouton Road (gravel section only), Old Westfield Rd, OverHill Road, Ragged Harbour Road, Rosette Rd, Smith Rd (Queens County), Southwest Cove Rd, Whiteburne Rd

Roads Closed/Not Traveled by bus Tuesday March 30

Roads Closed/Not Traveled by bus Tuesday March 30 back road closure plan will be in effect for Veinot Rd (Pinehurst): Ishmael Smith Rd: Conrad Rd (New Germany): Copeland Rd:  Armstrong Rd: ​endtweet



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