Storm Day Closure Process


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PLEASE NOTE: Technology doesn’t always work – for storm closures, please check multiple sources. Listening to the local radio station is always best as they are among the first to be notified of SSRCE cancellations.

How to Know School is Closed

  • Check our Website
    • On the morning of a school closure, information will be posted to our website’s home page at approximately 6 a.m. You may have to refresh your page a few times or clear your cookies to ensure you are getting the latest update. If a rare situation occurs where we don’t inform you by 6 a.m., but you think there’s a good chance schools may be closed, please check back as we’ll inform you as soon as a decision is made.
  • Check your Phone and Email
    • Messages are sent via email and text through our service provider to contact information we have on file. Opt-ins are required to receive text messages. If you haven’t already done so and would like to sign up to receive texts from SSRCE, text “Y” (from a number on file with a school) to 978338. Please note, delivery times for text and email can vary based on service providers. It is not recommended to rely solely on receiving this notification. If you need to update your contact information, please contact your school directly.
  • Listen to the Radio
    • Listen to your local radio station as they are the first to be notified of any closures.
    • Radio Stations: CKBW, Country 100.7, CBC Radio, QCCR, Cove FM and AVR.
  • Watch the News
    • Watch the morning news as they are among the first to be notified of any closures.
    • TV Stations: CTV Atlantic, Global Halifax, CBC.
  • Check our Facebook or Twitter
    • Check either Facebook or Twitter for information about the school closure. We will post it on there as soon as we have the information available. The SSRCE Twitter feed can be seen on the SSRCE website home page without having an account. Please note, power outages can impact social media and we remind families to check multiple sources.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter

School Closure Decision Factors:

Current weather and road conditions, weather and road condition forecasts and, most importantly, the safety of children while walking to school, waiting for the bus or traveling on the bus.

Ultimately, when weather conditions are questionable and schools are open, the final decision as to whether or not your child attends school is always up to you – the parent or guardian.

Back Road Closure Plans

When schools are open, weather and spring weight restrictions can affect bus travel. In these instances, Back Road Closure Plans will be in effect. Students and families living in affected areas are given their plans at the beginning of the school year. If you are unsure if your bus stop has a Back Road Closure Plan, please call the Bus Garage at 902-541-8252 or click here.  For late buses, always listen to the local radio station and/or watch the SSRCE Twitter account.

Winter Tips for Families:

  • Do not drop-off your child at school unless you are certain that school is open.
  • Make alternate arrangements for your child in case school is closed during the day. Ensure your child and/or the teacher is aware of these arrangements.
  • If your child is in P-3, please ensure your child’s teacher has written instruction regarding where your child should go if neither you nor the emergency contact can be reached by the telephone tree.