Text Alerts

SSRCE and our schools use SchoolMessenger to send text and email updates to parents/guardians, including time-sensitive notices for school cancellations and unplanned early dismissals.

If you haven’t opted in already and would like to receive SchoolMessenger text notices,  text “Y” or “YES” to 978338 from a mobile number on file with your school.

If you need to update the mobile number on file with your child’s school, contact your school office anytime. You can also update this information each fall when your school sends home registration forms.

To opt-out from receiving school/SSRCE text messages, text STOP to 978338. More information is at  http://schoolmessenger.com/txtmsg.

Whether you choose to opt-in to SSRCE/school text messages or not, you will continue to receive emails and automatic phone calls from your child’s school according to your notification preferences; no action is needed. You can change your email and phone notification preferences by contacting your child’s school office, as well.

Please review our storm day process and remember, technology doesn’t always work. You are encouraged to check multiple sources for closure information and not rely solely on texting. We also post to the SSRCE website, share on social media, inform local media including radio stations.