Update Following Fire Tragedy

Dear school community,

As we continue to mourn the tragedy that occurred in our community this weekend, I’d like to provide an update on behalf of the South Shore Regional Centre for Education.

We know everyone copes with grief differently and it will take time to heal. Bluenose Academy, Greenfield Elementary, and Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy will continue to have supports, including grief counsellors, available for both our staff and students for as long they are needed.

We have seen tremendous community support and I thank everyone for their compassion. Our thoughts remain with the family and close friends of those who were lost. So many of us are feeling deep pain and sadness but we know it doesn’t compare to your grief.

It’s also important we acknowledge the first responders who have been directly impacted. We extend our heartfelt condolences. Please know your work is deeply respected and we genuinely thank you for your service.

Over the weekend, a post was shared on social media that included private information. These details were released in error and we sincerely apologize for any additional grief or trauma this may have caused. This was not the intention and we hope those impacted can forgive us. We’ll be examining the process to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

In times of grief, communities come together to show their strength and we are seeing that first hand at our schools. For example, a touching tribute has started outside Bluenose Academy. If your student would like to contribute to the memorial, they are welcomed to bring an item to add, such as a teddy bear or stuffed toy. We recognize this gesture can help our students in the healing process and our staff are here to support them. It will take time to heal and we will only get through this by leaning on each other.

If you need support to help talk to your children about these details, please click here or visit this link for a list of books on this topic.


Paul Ash

SSRCE Regional Executive Director