Q. If you could do something today to put healthier food in front of children to make them stronger, more productive at school and increase their chances of graduating, WOULD YOU DO IT?

If the answer is YES, then support the South Shore School Food Project’s effort to subsidize healthier lunches in our schools. This will allow more children to eat better for less!

Take five minutes, register at, search for THE MUNCH CARD and vote – up to 18 times! – for it. You must vote by Oct. 19, so time is running out!!! 

If The Munch Card wins:

  • It will be launched in six pilot schools, all with non-profit cafeterias, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia
  • School lunches will be offered at a subsidized price meaning parents pay less so more kids can eat healthy school meals
  • Kids get better access to healthy “from scratch” food that they LIKE!
  • Kids who EAT WELL during the school day DO WELL during the school day
  • We are better able to feed malnourished and hungry children at school
  • We ​connect with our farmers and producers to ​source more LOCAL produce for school menus
  • School children benefit, families benefit, communities benefit, the economy grows
  • In line with Canada’s big national debate about funding school dinners, THE MUNCH CARD, trialled in six schools, can build a strong case determining what this service and subsidy needs to look like to serve and appeal to Canadian children in school
  • We focus on bringing food back into education to strengthen the foundations for the future of our children, our province and our country