BEA/Dalhousie 2017 Math Camp

~ Attention ~ Parents, Teachers, Grade 7/8 Students

Given that very few students from our local Black Community are qualifying to study math or science at the university level, and given the severe loss this represents to our province. Dalhousie University and the Black Educators Association have teamed up to develop an exciting program.

A seven-day math/science camp will be held from July 9 to July 14 , 2017, at Dalhousie University.

All eligible students of African descent are encouraged to apply.

Participants: Thirty (30) girls and boys, grades 7 and 8, who show promise in Math will be invited to attend this camp.

Participants will live on campus during the week, and will be provided with meals.

Chaperone service will be provided by responsible young male and female adult students of the university.

The Program: The program will emphasize problem-solving skills and applications of mathematics and science to common everyday living.

Instructors are chosen from the public school system, the universities, and the professional community.

Students will take part in field trips and engage in other recreational activities in the evenings.

Selection: Participants will be selected by the Black Educators Association and applications may be made by:

(1) students, (2) teachers, (3) or parent (s)… At this stage, the program is only open to students having at least one Black parent.

Students must demonstrate promise in a regular academic Math program, and have completed grade 7.

In order to give opportunity to students from across our province, only a limited number will be taken from each school and region.

IMPORTANT: In order for the application to be considered, it must be accompanied by the following:

A. a neatly, hand-written or typed letter from the student indicating why he/she wishes to attend the Math Camp and what he/she hopes to get out of the camp

B. a letter of recommendation from the current math teacher with reference to the student’s mathematical ability and attitude toward math (include student’s marks). The teacher should also indicate the student’s level of behaviour and overall attitude toward learning in general.

C. there is a $75.00 registration fee for successful candidates, of which $50.00 is nonrefundable and there is a $25.00 refundable deposit towards student’s room key and meal pass, if replacement is not required. (THE REGISTRATION FEE IS REQUIRED WITH THE CONSENT FORM WHEN NOTIFIED)

D. Students with incomplete applications will not be considered. Also, it is very important that the applications are received before the extended deadline of April 28th. *For more information visit our website: – programs.

Deadline Extended to APRIL 28th

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