DATE:        FEBRUARY 2017

Spring is just around the corner so it is time to wake from your winter slumber and start thinking about becoming a healthier more active version of yourself!  The NSSBA Members’ Employees’ Benefit (MEB) Wellness Committee wants to help!!

Effective from March 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017, the NSSBA MEB Wellness Committee is sponsoring an activity challenge to encourage NSSBA health plan members to focus on their health by identifying any health risks and addressing these risks by leading a healthier more active lifestyle.

Health plan members wishing to join this challenge will have to complete a health risk assessment by way of the *My Good Health website (www.medaviebc.mygoodhealth.ca) through Medavie Blue Cross.  The health risk assessment will provide you with the following:

  • A personal profile identifying your positive lifestyle choices, risk factors and opportunities / action plans to improve your health
  • Priorities to help you take charge of your health
  • A printable personal health strategy
  • Instant support for making healthier choices

*  For more information on how to access the My Good Health website and complete the health risk assessment, please see the enclosed member flyer from Medavie Blue Cross.  Please note, any personal information shared in the completion of the health risk assessment will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with privacy legislation.


Members who sign up and complete their health risk assessment by no later than Friday March 17, 2017, will be eligible to win one of 10 FitBit Charge 2’s, which will be drawn for on Friday March 31, 2017To be eligible to join the activity challenge, all health risk assessments through the My Good Health website must be completed no later than Friday March 31, 2017.

Because we are creatures of habit, making lifestyle changes can be difficult.  How you work to achieve a healthier lifestyle will depend on your current lifestyle choices, health risk factors and the opportunities you have to improve your health.  Identifying your health risks through your assessment and participating in your action plan(s), is the first step to healthy living!

As you take up this challenge, we have outlined some healthy lifestyle options / activities for you to consider:

  • Gym membership / exercise classes
  • Yoga / meditation classes
  • Walking groups
  • Home fitness programs
  • Swimming
  • Weight Watchers
  • Healthy cooking classes

There are many more activities to consider and we suggest that you challenge your co-workers so you can keep each other accountable to reach your health and fitness goals.

As noted above, the activity challenge will end on August 31, 2017.  NSSBA health plan members who participated in the challenge (by completing the initial health risk assessment) and complete a follow-up health risk assessment and short questionnaire regarding their experience with the challenge, on or before August 31, 2017, will be eligible to win one of 10 prizes of a $300 health premium refund!  Although we are all winners if our health is better, as one of the lucky winners you will receive a cheque which will represent your portion of previously paid health premiums up to $300.

Should you have any questions regarding the activity challenge, please contact Todd Blackwood at Johnson Inc., at tblackwood@johnson.ca or (902) 453-8517 (local), 1-800-588-3885 (toll free) or Paul Sarty at psarty@johnson.ca or (902) 453-9552 (local), 1-800-453-9552 (toll free).  If you have any questions regarding the My Good Health website or completing the health risk assessment, please refer to the member flyer enclosed in this package or the user guide which can be accessed through the wellness page of the NSSBA website http://www.nssba.ca/member-services/employee-wellness .