Inclusive Education Supports

The South Shore Regional Centre for Education has will be adding 15.5 new inclusive education supports in the 2019-2020 school year. Thanks to funding from the provincial government, these supports will be in addition to the new positions added last year to support students in the classroom. Last year, the SSRCE welcomed transition classroom teachers, an Autism Specialist, six new high school teachers and more. We also opened a new Alternative Education Program at Hebbville Academy called the Middle Level Connect Centre that engages and teaches students in ways that meet their unique needs.

New SSRCE Inclusive Education Support Breakdown:

  • 3 Education Assistants
  • 3 Child Youth Care Practitioners
  • 1 Student Support Worker
  • 1 Pre-Primary Inclusion Coach
  • 2 Guidance Counsellors
  • 1 Autism Teacher Specialist
  • 1 Resource Teacher
  • 1 Child Youth Care Practitioner for Youth in Care
  • 1 Community Outreach Worker
  • 1 School Psychologist
  • 0.5 Student Health Partnership Nurse


Inclusive Education Success Story – Middle Level Connect Centre – Hebbville Academy

The Middle Level Connect Centre at Hebbville Academy is an Alternative Education Program that engages and teaches students in ways that meet their unique needs. Newly opened as a result of inclusive education funds being allocated to the South Shore Region, this unique centre meets the needs of every student in the timeline they require. The approach is one that is outside of the box and started in September with two students; to date 11 students are now supported by the Centre.

The approach to meeting individual student needs involves teachers, aides and a variety of Regional Centre for Education Specialists including occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, autism teacher specialists and more. There is also engagement in team meetings from other agencies, like the students’ personal health care specialists; creating a partnership of care between the school, home and other service providers.

13 year-old Nick was having a difficult time with school and had anxiety about going to the point where he stopped attending school. We were able to arrange transportation for him to the Middle Level Connect Centre and it has been a great success. Nick has individualized supports and is attending school 100% of the time, even transition back to his previous school to take classes there as well.

“Nick has less anxiety, is sleeping better, is happier and has made friends since attending the Middle Level Connect Centre,” says mom Roxanne.

The inclusive support funding also supported the hiring of an additional Autism Teacher Specialist to work with students and staff on support plans and programming for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.