SchoolsPlus & Parent Navigator – Supporting Students & Families

SchoolsPlus Facilitators and Parent Navigators for the South Shore Regional Centre for Education are available to support students and their families during the COVID-19 pandemuic. Their mandate is to support the success of students and families and to help students and families navigate services in the Education System and the Community.  ​

 A number of Facilitators/Parent Navigators are available to advocate for and support students/families not on the SchoolsPlus caseload. Please make referrals to the Facilitator/Parent Navigator assigned to your school.

Bridgewater HUB

Facilitator/Parent Navigator: Linda Jensen, text/call 902-521-9817, email

Outreach Staff:

PVEC/Adult High: Tina Atherton (902-523-3867) or

BES/BJHS: Josh Goode (902-521-2486) or

PVEC: Tina Dearing (902-521-2767) or

Queens HUB

Associate Facilitator/Parent Navigator: Shannon Vincent, text/call 902-523-1451, email

Outreach Staff:

LRHS/ALT/Adult High/SQMS: Sally Tanner (902-350-3739) or

DJCW/GES/NQCS: Tim Mossman (902-930-3447) or 

Hebbville/Lunenburg HUB

Associate Facilitator/Parent Navigator: Melanie Halliday, text/call 902-521-3408, email

Outreach Staff:

HA/PES: Chris Hayes (902-521-3090) or

BA/PRES/NES: Melissa Chiasson (902-521-9786) or

New Germany/Mahone Bay HUB

Associate Facilitator/Parent Navigator: Alexandria Acton-Bond, text/call 902-930-1115, email

Outreach staff:

NGRHS/NGES: Cicely Smith (902-930-3459) or

BCS/Mahone Bay ALT/WNES: Amy Foster (902-523-5731) or

Chester HUB
Associate Facilitator/Parent Navigator: Colleen Myra, call/text 902-523-4360, email

Outreach Staff:

CAMS/CDS/ACES: Clare Power (902-523-2917) or

FHCS/NRCS: Sarah Julian (902-930-3461) or

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