Regional Update – May 2020

Thank you to our families, teachers, and SSRCE staff for supporting children and youth through difficult times.

April 19 marked one of the darkest days in Nova Scotia’s history as details emerged about a mass killing. This was shocking news for our province where people know their neighbours and acts of violence like this are rare. The SSRCE sends condolences to all those affected. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the horrific event. We are here to help and have many resources available that can be accessed through our website.

The COVID-19 pandemic and cancellation of school has created challenges and many changes in how we operate. We have moved from attending school every day to learning at home. We are supporting teachers with new ways of connecting with students and families. While remaining safe and healthy, our teachers and staff have been creative, collaborative and student-centered. We continue to support students with additional needs including counselling, special programming, learning supports, and nutrition.

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