SSRSB passes motion to move grades five and six students from BES to BJHS

At its regular board meeting on Dec. 13, the SSRSB rescinded two motions and passed another motion related to Bridgewater Elementary School (BES) and Bridgewater Junior High School (BJHS).

Both Motion SS012-17 to have the grade six class at BES move to BJHS in September 2018 and Motion SS013-17 to have the grade five class from BES move to BJHS following a school catchment area review if student population between the two schools could be better balanced were rescinded. Both of the above motions were approved on March 22, 2017.

A new motion by Board Member Michael Stewart to have both grades five and six students move from BES to BJHS in September 2018 was passed. This would see BES be a grades primary to grade four school and BJHS be a grades five to nine school.

“The population will be better balanced between the two schools,” said Scott Milner, SSRSB Superintendent of Schools. “Based on Sept. 30, 2017 enrollment data, Bridgewater Elementary will have 311 students at 59 per cent utilization, and Bridgewater Junior High will have 332 students at 54 per cent utilization. Currently, BES has 444 students and is 85 per cent utilized, and BJHS has 199 students and is 32 per cent utilized. I believe this is a good decision and will improve the learning environment for our students.”

The motion by Board Member Stewart was made following consultations with each schools’ school advisory councils, the principals and families.